The Personal Disquisition of Zach Jewell

Designer, Developer, Coffee drinker

I am a Web Designer and Front-end Developer or as I sometimes say "The Unholy Abomination of a Designer and a Developer."

Just don't call me a "Devigner"...because just ugh...

I like building websites.

My experience has provided me with the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients, always with a focus on design and development. This background gives me a valuable perspective on how to work with different types of teams and individuals. I perform well in a variety of environments, and I am deeply knowledgeable about a lot of topics inside the design and development world. My experience ranges from small one-off projects with solo entrepreneurs to complex projects with large corporations. I am passionate about design and development that drives results.

What have I worked on?

I design and build websites.

I started my web design career as Responsive Web Design was bursting onto the World Wide Web. I have worked on many web projects and the vast majority have been responsive web sites. I want to build sites that follow best practices and are as accessible to as many people as they can be. I also have extensive experience building/maintaining pattern libraries and working with existing code bases and branding guidelines.


Have you ever been to a website and notice it loading slowly? Or failing to load at all (a personal favorite)? Is it being caused by one of the various Javascript files the site is trying to load, maybe the giant image of a salad that someone didn’t compress is taking forever.? I aim to make websites load as fast as possible. I look at how every site loads and what I can do to make it better. When building a new site performance is one of the first items I consider.

People I Have Worked With

Arsenal Performance, NeoFight Pro, Windmill Press, Mario Russo Salon, Rakks, Water Taxi of Fort Lauderdale, Unipower, Barnsley Gardens Resort, Black Dolphin Inn, Bogue Watch, Sisters Cove/Nest Homes, New Seabury, Rough Hollow Lakeway, Browns Landing, Daily Precast, Peckham Industries, Modern Funding, DebtX, Combat Zone Wrestling, PCT Credit Union, Riverworks Credit Union, Mechanics Cooperative Bank, Strategis, Holyoke Credit Union, Luso Credit Union, WASDA

What else do I enjoy?

When I am not working I can be found at the gym (I’m a certified weightlifting trainer), at the movies and diving into various side projects. I love designing t-shirts, going on photography shoots and helping out around my community. I am always looking for new and interesting ways to use and further develop my skills.

Case Studies

Let’s talk.

Ask me about how I can help you and your company and ask me won a wrestling championship…— No really. I did. I can provide video.

Email me! I would love to hear from you. Let’s connect.